Highway 92 Corridor Study


Client: City of Douglasville

Location: Douglasville, Georgia

Status: Completed in 2012


  • A multi-modal transportation corridor
  • Nodal redevelopment along the corridor
  • Improved connectivity with downtown and surrounding neighborhoods


TSW’s landscape architecture studio, was hired to develop a study that includes the proposed Highway 92 realignment and existing Highway 92. The vision plan for the project proposed a combination of bike lanes and multi-use trails that link to parks, schools, neighborhoods, and downtown. The main multi-use trail is proposed to meander beside the proposed Highway 92, having several connection points to key facilities. This will provide a safe and convenient way for residents to access parks, schools, and other key facilities while also promoting healthy and active lifestyles.

The bike lanes were recommended to be located on retrofitted existing city streets that can accommodate bike lanes on safe streets. The goal is to create a network of bike lanes that provide a safe and convenient way for residents to travel to and from key destinations within the city. This will not only improve the transportation infrastructure in the city but also promote active and healthy lifestyles for the residents.

The vision plan also proposed the development of a series of parks and open spaces along the corridor. These parks and open spaces will be designed to provide a range of recreational opportunities for residents, including playgrounds, picnic areas, and sports fields. Additionally, the plan also proposed the development of a series of trailheads and rest areas along the trail, which will provide a convenient way for residents to access the trail and will also serve as a hub for community activities.

Overall, TSW’s approach to the Highway 92 Corridor Study realignment project was to create a sustainable, livable community that is accessible and convenient for the residents of the area. The team’s recommendations for transportation infrastructure, bike lanes, multi-use trails, and parks and open spaces will help to achieve this goal. The plan also aimed to promote healthy and active lifestyles for the residents of the area, through the provision of safe and convenient access to key facilities and destinations within the city.