Hill Street Corridor Study and Streescape


Client: City of Buford

Location: Buford, Georgia

Status: Construction completed in 2014


  • Corridor study to obtain LCI implementation funding
  • Completed construction documents for streetscape improvements


The City of Buford first retained TSW’s planning studio to conduct a Livable Centers Initiative Study for the town center. This study aimed to examine land uses, urban design, transportation, and economic development opportunities. As part of the study, TSW recommended further examination and transportation improvements to primary gateway corridors, recognizing the importance of these areas for the overall livability and accessibility of the community.

Following this initial study, TSW’s Landscape Architecture Studio was retained by the City of Buford to develop the Hill Street Corridor Study and Streescape. This study aimed to submit to the Atlanta Regional Commission for additional funding. The Hill Street corridor has a rich history, evolving from a residential street into a primary entrance corridor into the revitalized downtown area, and it plays a significant role as a connector between the new City Hall on the corner of Hill Street and Buford Highway.

The HillStreet Corridor Study included an extensive inventory and analysis phase, which identified existing sidewalks, lack of non-compliant ADA ramps, and inappropriate grade relationships, and analyzed the surrounding urban context. Recommendations were made to improve the corridor, including new sidewalks, new and improved pedestrian crosswalks, and meeting ADA standards.

Once funding was secured, TSW completed construction documents for Hill Street, and in 2014 construction was completed. The completed project improves the livability and accessibility of the community, providing safe and comfortable walkways for residents and visitors, and connecting key areas of the city. The project also serves as an example of how careful planning and design can enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of a community