Milton Historic Preservation Design Guidelines


Client: City of Milton

Location: Milton, Georgia

Status: Completed in 2013


  • Historic Preservation Design Guidelines to protect the visual qualities of local historic districts and landmarks
  • Guidelines that provide standards for renovations and additions to historic buildings and for new buildings constructed in historic districts


TSW was retained by the City of Milton to develop historic preservation design guidelines. The goal of these guidelines is to protect the visual qualities of local historic districts and landmarks within the city, and to enrich and preserve the character of these resources.

The guidelines established by TSW and the City of Milton provide a set of criteria that will be applied uniformly in the evaluation of the appropriateness of proposed changes in historic districts and landmarks. The guidelines encourage rehabilitation using style and period-appropriate building materials, additions that respect the original architectural style, massing, roof form, and materials, repairs that are sensitive to the original building materials and features, new construction that reflects the traditional height, scale, bulk or massing, front yard landscapes that are compatible with traditional plant materials and design, and appropriate or historically sensitive improvements in the public right-of-way.

The guidelines also provide history and descriptions of historic building types, such as residential and commercial/mixed-use, as well as descriptions and examples of historic building styles. They also include guidelines and tips for renovations and additions to historic buildings, standards for new buildings constructed in historic districts, and procedural requirements for compliance with the City.

By developing these design guidelines, the City of Milton is taking a proactive approach to preserving its historic resources, ensuring that any changes or new construction within the city’s historic districts and landmarks are respectful of their original character and style. These guidelines will play a vital role in preserving the unique character and charm of Milton’s historic neighborhoods for future generations to enjoy.