Johns Creek Comprehensive Plan


Client: City of Johns Creek

Location: Johns Creek, Georgia

Status: Current Project


  • Comprehensive Plan to guide future development in the city
  • Extensive community engagement focusing on community education, meetings with the project’s Citizen Advisory Committee, and hands-on activities for citizens and stakeholders


TSW was retained to lead a multidisciplinary team to prepare a major update to the City’s Comprehensive Plan. Johns Creek, a relatively new city incorporated in 2006, has a development pattern that currently consists of typical suburban sprawl, which has greatly impacted traffic, land availability, and opportunities for new development.

The City is quickly experiencing complete build-out, so most future development opportunities include the redevelopment of aging and under-performing shopping centers located within the City’s major activity nodes.

The project’s success has rested with extensive community engagement and outreach:

  • A community input survey available online and at Planning Workshops to gauge ideas for the future of Johns Creek.
  • Community education programs that focused on market and economic realities, demographic changes and shifts, new urbanism/traditional neighborhood design, and principles of placemaking.
  • A heavily involved Citizens Advisory Committee gave nuanced input on issues prevalent to their communities, identity, goal and policy development, future development patterns, and future land use.
  • Planning workshops that strived to provide residents and stakeholders with context, while giving them ample opportunities to give input on the issues that matter most and propose ideas of how to address them.

The end result is an illustrative plan that guides the future development of Johns Creek, ensuring that all planning efforts, current and future, have a chance to be successful.