Project Description

Kennesaw Gateway Park Sign


Client: City of Kennesaw

Location: Kennesaw, Georgia

Status: Construction to begin in late 2017


  • The Gateway Park sign is one component of a multi-phase park masterplan
  • Design and materials were influenced by local history and culture
  • Part of a planned series of monument signs


TSW has partnered with Croy Engineering to help the City of Kennesaw, Georgia envision a large public park that will energize its downtown. Gateway Park will be the first constructed portion of Depot Park, a twelve-phase park project in downtown Kennesaw.

The Gateway Park sign marks the southern entry to a multi-purpose trail that runs throughout Depot Park. Ultimately, coordinated signs—tailored to fit each entry point—will mark the primary entrances into Depot Park. The materials and forms incorporated into the Gateway Park sign to pay homage to the railroad that runs adjacent to the park and the historical significance of the railroad in the City of Kennesaw.

TSW developed the schematic masterplan and implementation plan for Depot Park and developed the design of Gateway Park through construction documentation.

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