Lakewood Livable Centers Initiative Study


Client: City of Atlanta

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Status: Completed in 2013


  • Framework for guiding film industry growth at the historic Lakewood Fairgrounds and redevelopment in surrounding neighborhood nodes
  • Extensive public participation process that include a kick-off meeting, open house, business forum, and stakeholder interviews


The Lakewood Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) was a significant undertaking, aimed at revitalizing the area surrounding the Lakewood Fairgrounds in Atlanta. The City of Atlanta and Invest Atlanta joined forces to develop a community-based, economic development-focused plan that would build on the growth of the film industry and other local assets to transform the area into a thriving, historic community. The ultimate goal of the plan was to provide economic opportunities and a high quality of life for residents.

TSW played a vital role in managing the LCI planning process, working closely with the City, Invest Atlanta, and local neighborhoods to create a realistic and implementable plan. The plan included a variety of recommendations that were divided into short, medium, and long-term time horizons and could be implemented by a variety of stakeholders.

One of the key recommendations included in the plan was the implementation of economic development strategies for small and large businesses. This would help to promote growth and development in the area, creating more job opportunities and increasing the local economy. Additionally, the plan identified catalytic development sites, which are areas that have the potential to drive economic development and revitalization. By focusing on these sites, the plan aimed to promote growth and development in the area.

Another important recommendation was the implementation of transportation and access improvements. Improving transportation options would make it easier for residents and visitors to move around the area, increasing accessibility and making it more convenient for people to live and work there. The plan also included recommendations for sustainability best practices, which would help to promote environmental stewardship and reduce the community’s impact on the environment.

Overall, the Lakewood Livable Centers Initiative Study plan was a comprehensive approach to revitalizing the Lakewood area. It was focused on creating a sustainable, livable community that offers economic opportunities and high-quality of life for all residents. The plan’s recommendations were designed to be flexible and adaptable, allowing them to be implemented in a variety of ways by different stakeholders over time. With the implementation of this plan, the City of Atlanta and Invest Atlanta would be able to achieve the goal of transforming the Lakewood area into a thriving, historic community that provides economic opportunities and a high quality of life for residents.