Little Lagoon Master Plan


Client: City of Gulf Shores

Location: Gulf Shores, Alabama

Status: Complete


  • Master plan for a 5-acre park
  • Park expands parking and recreation opportunities

TSW worked with Thomson Engineering to prepare a master plan for the 5-acre Little Lagoon Park in Gulf Shores, Alabama. This master plan’s focus was maintaining the local character and access while enhancing the park’s access and programming.Challenges:

  • Limited modes of water access
  • Congested parking area
  • Outdated restroom facilities
  • Poor neighborhood pedestrian connectivity
  • Inadequate family facilities

Although Gulf Shores is a popular vacation destination for visitors, TSW identified through a series of stakeholder interviews that the Little Lagoon Park was largely used by local residents who enjoyed the primitive, small-scale feel of the park.

The master plan focused on maintaining the scale and nature park feel while expanding parking, recreation opportunities, and creating better connections to the neighborhood to reduce reliance on driving. The plan integrated family-friendly facilities like a picnic patio, shade pavilions along with new restroom and beach showers. A new boardwalk was added along the shore of the lagoon connecting a new fishing pier and a boat put into neighborhood parking northeast of the park.