Manget Townhomes


Client: Brock Built Homes, LLC

Location: Marietta, Georgia

Status: Permitting


  • 10 Townhomes, 2 Buildings
  • Shared communal space with single-family houses
  • Outdoor living with front and rear porches and a private yard


The Manget Townhomes are two sets of five townhomes set within a new development of Brock Built single-family houses. The shared design allows for a large communal lawn creating a sense of scale and openness. The townhome designs take advantage of the communal lawn with large windows and French doors opening onto several outdoor living spaces. Most units have access to three decks or patios, as well as the associated fenced in private yard.

While all ten units are the same unit type there are still four unique plans. The multiple variations arise from several different plan options on the second level. The multiple designs allow for a choice based on the lifestyle of the owner. The before-mentioned decks are a key feature that features heavily in the design options. The four design options are the standard layout, the super kitchen, the postage stamp, and full rear deck. The standard layout has a bedroom behind the kitchen at the rear wall. The super kitchen removes the bedroom and pushes the kitchen to the rear wall, giving a larger kitchen, dining and living room. The postage stamp is similar to the super kitchen but with a small covered deck in one corner. The last design with the full rear deck again removes the bedroom and expands the kitchen but this time with a full depth deck option.

The Manget Townhomes offer a wide variety of traditional façade details to express each unit as well. Brick quoining, arched windows, and doors, or unique cornice details mark each unit. The townhomes offer both outdoor living and unique selections for client choice and creating an enjoyable space.