Master Active Living Plans


Client: Dekalb County Board of Health

Location: Dekalb County, Georgia

Status: Completed in 2013


  • Redevelopment master plans focusing on providing alternative transportation modes, better access to schools, parks, and activity centers, and encouraging mixed-use, compact development
  • Extensive public participation process
  • Plans focused on four areas within DeKalb County


The goal of the DeKalb County Board of Health Master Active Living Plans is to improve the integration of physical activity and other healthy behaviors into the daily routines of DeKalb County residents. Research in the Atlanta region and nationwide has shown that the ways communities are built can directly and indirectly impact the health of their residents by encouraging or discouraging certain healthy behaviors. By planning communities with a deliberate focus on health, the health and quality-of-life of their residents can be improved.With this in mind, TSW was retained by DeKalb County to develop master plans that are intended to be a proactive, community-based vision and blueprint for the Panola Road/Salem Road, Covington Highway, Indian Creek, and Flat Shoals study areas that will improve health by achieving the following:

  • Improving bike/pedestrian connections of activity centers to nearby neighborhoods, parks, schools, and other public facilities, and
  • Encouraging development with an emphasis on mixed-use, compact development, interconnected streets, multi-modal accessibility, and increased public space.

These goals, along with community-specific aspirations that emerged from the intensive public outreach process and an analysis of specific health needs, have been instrumental in guiding the plan for the study areas.