Mixed-Use Development in Downtown Augusta


Client: Morris Communications, Inc.

Location: Augusta, Georgia

Status: Concept


  • Expansion of existing park

  • Mixed-use urban infill

  • Modern interpretation of mercantile architecture of Augusta


The planning and architecture studios of TSW, in a combined design approach, has been assisting Morris Communications, Inc., Augusta, with determining urban development strategies for their downtown land parcels adjoining or near the Augusta Riverwalk. These designs for new residential buildings and office facilities embrace and enhance the existing street patterns of this area while lengthening the Augusta Common, a pre-existing park and retail-focused activity zone.

TSW’s plans include a 5-level, 180 unit apartment building block to the west of the Common extension, and a 155,000 square foot 4 and 5-level industrial styled office development block to the east. Both of these city-block-scale designs locate the retail, office, and live/work residential components at street level, creating rich, visually stimulating street walls where currently surface parking lots exist.  To the north, the designs take advantage of the spectacular views of the Savanah River. These new uses conceal 2-level structured parking garages, each containing some 225 parking spaces.

Aesthetically, TSW brings a respectful but modern interpretation of the existing brick warehouse and mercantile architectural vocabulary of Augusta to the design of the project.