Molokai Ranch


Client: Molokai Ranch

Location: Molokai, Hawaii

Status: Partially Built


  • New town planning and former agricultural company town revitalization
  • Focal architecture design
  • Architectural design standards development
  • “Ecolodging” facilities prototype design


TSW, has been at the forefront of the master planning effort for a 55,000-acre landholding on the sparsely-populated island of Molokai since 1990. The effort, called Molokai Ranch, a former pineapple plantation is now planning for a multifaceted future that includes ranching, diversified agriculture, and tourism. This effort is a response to the decline of the pineapple industry on the island, and aims to revitalize the economy of the island by creating new opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

As part of this effort, TSW has been responsible for the design of new towns and the revitalization of former agricultural company towns. This includes comprehensive land use planning, the development of focal architecture design standards, and prototype design for “eco-lodging” facilities. The goal is to create a sustainable and livable community that will attract new residents and visitors to the island.

One of the key elements of the master plan is the creation of a 30,000-acre ecotourism park and “Recreation Network” of low-impact hiking/equestrian trails and overnight camp/lodging facilities. This network will be integrated throughout the various environmental zones of the ranch, and will provide visitors with a range of experiences depending on their location and interests. These “Outposts” will be designed near specific activities such as water sports, archaeological exploration, and rodeo, among others.

The overall goal of this master plan is to create a sustainable and thriving community on Molokai, while also providing visitors with a unique and immersive experience that will encourage them to return. The ecotourism park and recreation network will be a major draw for visitors, while the revitalization of the towns and the development of sustainable agriculture and ranching will create new opportunities for residents. With TSW’s guidance and expertise, Molokai Ranch is poised to become a model for sustainable development and community revitalization.

For more information on Molokai Ranch please contact Bill Tunnell at 404.873.6730 ext. 112