Moores Mill Apartment Clubhouse


Client: Moores Mill, LLC

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Status: On-the-boards


  • Constructed of six shipping containers
  • Contemporary design
  • Catalytic Project for an existing apartment development


Moores Mill Apartment Clubhouse is a new clubhouse for an existing apartment development near the Westover Plantation neighborhood in northwest Atlanta. The Clubhouse was designed and intended to be a driving agent for change in the apartment development, the first step towards an overall renovation. Towards that goal shipping containers were used as a major piece of the construction, forming the majority of the exterior enclosure. The Clubhouse is a one-story building with a mezzanine, incorporating seven different shipping containers. They define a central area as the main exercise space. The entire building is enclosed under one roof. All of the spaces for exercise are located on the first floor, with the main central space and some smaller enclosures within the shipping containers to allow for multiple uses. The kitchenette, office and miscellaneous spaces are located on the first floor. The mezzanine contains the WiFi lounge providing a connection back to the exercise room below and a view of the exterior. The stacking shipping container figuration allows for a blending with the landscape to create areas for outdoor exercise and a yard for social gatherings. To go with the active outdoor uses there is a covered balcony with the WiFi lounge to allow for more passives uses.

Using shifted forms and a slight angle the geometry of the clubhouse provides an active atmosphere. Use of primary colors on the shipping containers as well as large artwork further reinforces the new vibe envisioned for the complex as a whole. The containers and large roof provide a variety of interior conditions, from semi-private enclosed spaces to open and airy public spaces. Large windows and operable hardware ensure a connection to nature while providing an environment of comfort and light to the users of the interior spaces.