Motlow State Community College Master Plan 2017


Client: Motlow State Community College

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Status: Completed in 2017


  • Master Plan for campus in rapidly growing area of suburban Nashville
  • Included demographic study looking at enrollment growth and job market sectors
  • First recommended building has already been funded and designed


Motlow State is one of the fastest growing colleges in Tennessee, with a large portion of that growth concentrated on their booming Smyrna campus, located in suburban Nashville. After only five years, enrollment growth had reached the projections from TSW’s 2012 Master Plan. To accommodate this growth and plan for the future, Motlow State reached out to TSW to completely update the plan and produce the Motlow State Community College Master Plan 2017.

TSW worked closely with college administrators, faculty, and students to develop a comprehensive vision for the future of the campus that moves beyond a suburban, parking-oriented design to create a quad and a true collegiate environment. The updated Master Plan recommends a series of new buildings that will meet crucial needs for academic space on a campus where courses are being scheduled seven days a week. It also addresses the need for study and gathering places, meeting facilities, a modern library, facilities and support space, and more. These investments are essential to establish the campus as a true college campus, providing students with a comprehensive and dynamic educational experience.

To ensure the Master Plan was informed by the latest data and trends, TSW also conducted a detailed demographic study as part of the process. This study examined population growth and other factors that will influence enrollment growth. The study also analyzed job growth and placement rates in the region to determine which academic programs are likely to experience the most growth. Combined with a detailed space analysis, this information allowed TSW and the college to determine future needs and create a detailed program for the next proposed building.

In conclusion, the updated Master Plan for Motlow State’s campus in Smyrna, TN will help the college to continue to grow and adapt to the changing needs of its students and community, while also creating a true collegiate environment. The plan is designed to meet the current and future needs of the campus, and it is informed by demographic studies, space analysis, and input from college administrators, faculty, and students. With this plan in place, the college can continue to provide students with a comprehensive and dynamic educational experience.