North Point Code


Client: City of Alpharetta

Location: Alpharetta, Georgia

Status: Completed in 2018


  • Base zoning changes and new overlay to support North Point LCI Plan

  • Changes support redevelopment efforts


In 2018, TSW prepared a series of base zoning changes and a new overlay to support the recently completed North Point Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Plan. These changes aligned the area’s zoning regulations with the updated plan by replacing older regulations geared toward the redevelopment of vacant land with a new set of standards focused on supporting redevelopment. Key standards encourage:

  • Mixed-use development, especially residential uses, on aging commercial sites;
  • A system of interconnected open spaces and trails that tie into the Big Creek Greenway;
  • Flexible building design standards that focus on supporting walkability and sense of place but are style-neutral;
  • A sustainable “eco district” points system for new development;
  • Standards for landscaping, open spaces, and streetscapes;
  • Street and streetscape requirements intended to encourage a network of small blocks and walkable streets; and
  • A series of “triggers” for these that require different levels of compliance for renovation and full site redevelopment.

The regulations were developed with guidance from the City of Alpharetta staff and elected officials, but largely codified the policies contained in the LCI Plan.