Northeast State Community College Master Plan


Client: Northeast State Community College

Location: Blountville, Tennessee

Status: Plan completed in 2011


  • Master plan for main campus based on space analysis and growth projection
  • Recommendations for improving existing and add new facilities
  • Program for proposed new building on campus


Between 2001 and 2011, Northeast State Community College experienced significant growth in enrollment, making it the second-fastest-growing two-year college in Tennessee. With this growth came the need for expanded facilities, particularly for technical education courses. To address this need, TSW was retained to complete a Master Plan for the main campus, including a comprehensive physical analysis, space analysis, and needs projections, growth projections based on a demographic analysis, recommendations for new facilities and other improvements, long-term parking recommendations, and a program for the Technical Education Complex.

The Technical Education Complex, which opened in 2020, houses a mix of business and IT programs, as well as technical courses in high-tech labs. This building was designed to meet the needs of local industry, as TSW conducted a demographic analysis to identify potential areas for increased enrollment and growth in key local industries. The college has a strong commitment to meeting local employment needs, as demonstrated by its Kingsport campus receiving the 2009 Ash Institute’s Innovations in American Government Award from Harvard University.

The technical education programs at Northeast State Community College are designed to prepare students for local industry by giving them the problem-solving skills that come with a college degree rather than a certificate program. TSW worked closely with college administrators to develop a future facility that meets industry needs, ensuring that students are well-prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation. The Technical Education Complex is a vital component of the college’s ongoing efforts to meet the needs of its students and the surrounding community.