Peoplestown Parks Master Plan


Client: City of Atlanta

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Status:Design completed in 2009, construction of Stanton Park completed in 2011


  • Master plan for renovating two major parks in Peoplestown neighborhood
  • Provided alternatives based on community input


Park Pride is a nonprofit organization that focuses on parks and greenspaces in Atlanta. They began working with the Peoplestown neighborhood to develop a parks master plan. Through a series of community meetings and visioning sessions, Park Pride developed a conceptual plan for two existing, underutilized park areas and an undeveloped tract between the two parks that are adjacent to the BeltLine.

However, in order to keep the community’s momentum moving forward, the City of Atlanta retained TSW to further develop the concept plan into several alternatives and produce a more financially manageable plan. During the planning process, TSW conducted community meetings to better define the needs and goals for the parks, determined appropriate phasing for the park program elements and conducted a cost analysis and produced the Peoplestown Parks Master Plan.

For Four Corners Park (northwest corner of the plan), TSW designed a playground area, tennis courts, basketball courts, passive lawn areas, picnic trellis, and plaza, which incorporates an existing neighborhood statue. Four Corners Park is connected to D.H. Stanton Park by Boynton Avenue, which will include streetscape improvements for a greenway and multi-use trail for pedestrians and bicyclists. D.H. Stanton Park (eastern portion of plan) retains the recently built playground area and calls for a new recreation center that will be LEED certified, a baseball field that is part of a continuous lawn for multiple active uses, new parking, entry plaza and splash pad, play berms and mounds for children of all ages, and connections to the BeltLine.

Furthermore, the Peoplestown Parks Master Plan also includes various other amenities such as a community garden, a dog park and a skatepark as well as many other recreational options that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The park also includes a playground area specifically designed for children with special needs, providing a safe and accessible space for all members of the community. Additionally, the plan also includes walking and biking trails that connect the parks to the surrounding neighborhoods, making it easy and convenient for residents to access the parks.

Overall, the Peoplestown Parks Master Plan aims to provide the Peoplestown community with a variety of recreational options that will foster a sense of community and promote healthy living. The plan also seeks to improve the quality of life for residents by providing access to green spaces and opportunities for physical activity, as well as preserving and enhancing the natural beauty of the area. The plan is a collaborative effort between the City of Atlanta, Park Pride, TSW, and the Peoplestown community and is expected to be implemented in phases over the next few years.