Project Description

Perry Parks Monument Signage


Client: City of Perry

Location: Perry, Georgia

Status: Underway


  • Part of a larger series of public park master plans


TSW was hired by the City of Perry, Georgia to provide landscape design and project management services for three park sites: Goodroe Park, 3rd Street Park, and Heritage Park.

Part of the master planning and design efforts for these parks was to design monumental signage that spoke to the existing signage in the city but had a modern refresh to better marry the newer components of the parks. The existing monument signs are a traditional red brick with green slate. The new monumental sign designs incorporate grey brick to update the look but keep the classic materiality the same. Caps and pin mounted lettering mirror the look of the existing signage and act as a welcoming entry sign to visitors and residents alike.

Located at two of the parks, this sign welcomes people traveling from multiple directions into Perry, flanking and framing the new entry feature parks.