Piedmont Park Clara Meer Restoration


Client: Piedmont Park Conservancy

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Status: Built



    TSW was responsible for the conceptual design, construction documents, and construction administration for a $2 million renovation project called the Piedmont Park Clara Meer Restoration. This project aimed to revitalize and enhance one of the most popular and beloved parks in the area, with the goal of improving the overall recreational experience for visitors and ensuring that the lake remains a vital resource for the community.

    The renovation project included a variety of upgrades, such as a new granite bridge, the restoration of the historic gazebo, additional lighting, a refurbished dock, three new fishing piers, native planting, and the installation of an aeration system. The new granite bridge provides a safe and accessible crossing over the lake, while the restoration of the historic gazebo preserves a piece of the park’s history and provides a beautiful focal point for visitors.

    Additional lighting was installed to improve visibility and safety in the park, while the refurbished dock and new fishing piers provide new opportunities for visitors to enjoy the lake. The native planting and aeration system were designed to improve the health of the lake and its ecosystem, while the new benches and swings along the shore provide a place for visitors to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the lake.

    One of the most notable features of the Piedmont Park Clara Meer Restoration project is the construction of a wooden boardwalk. This boardwalk provides visitors with a unique and immersive experience as they explore the lake and its surroundings. The boardwalk also provides visitors with easy access to the lake’s many recreational opportunities, including fishing, boating, and bird watching. With all these renovations, the park is now a more attractive destination for visitors, and the lake is healthier and more sustainable, ensuring that it will remain a vital resource for the community for years to come.