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Project Description

Piedmont Park North Woods Master Plan


Client: Piedmont Park Conservancy

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Status: Partially completed, implementation on-going


  • Master Plan for more than 50 acres of unusable and inaccessible land in and adjacent to Piedmont Park
  • Organize the entire area into three thematic segments


TSW was responsible for developing a master plan for the Piedmont Park Conservancy and the City of Atlanta covering more than 50 acres of unusable and inaccessible land in and adjacent to Piedmont Park. A year-long representative and community-based planning process directed the programming for the “North Woods” portion of the park, as well as two parcels managed by the City’s Department of Watershed Management.

The plan incorporates thematic direction for the three segments: an active zone appealing to multiple ages in the primarily floodplain “West” property at the north end; an environmental education oriented zone on the eastern “Halpern” property; and a primarily passive recreational zone on the North Woods main segment that takes advantage of dramatic topography and natural woodland features. Included in this last zone are several bridges, overlooks, and water features of a grand scale to capture interest and draw activity to this area.

Key to the plan’s success is the transformation of a lengthy concrete stormwater management culvert into a more natural stream environment and the creation of a pond and wetlands in the currently unappealing overflow detention area.