Ralph McGill Redevelopment


Client: Southeast Capital Partners

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Status: Built


  • Zoning review and Special Administrative Permit services
  • Landscape design and construction documents


TSW, a professional planning and landscape architecture firm, was retained by Southeast Capital Partners to provide zoning guidance and landscape architecture services for the Ralph McGill Redevelopment located at 660 Ralph McGill. TSW’s role in the project included reviewing zoning against development concepts and completing a Special Administrative Permit to allow zoning modifications before the purchase of the property.

The landscape architecture services provided by TSW for the Ralph McGill Redevelopment included a program review and site visit, schematic design for streetscapes, two pools, and four courtyards, design development and construction documents, and bidding and negotiation.

The program review and site visit were an essential part of the project, as it allowed TSW’s team of experts to understand the unique needs and requirements of the development. The schematic design for streetscapes, two pools, and four courtyards was then created to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the area and to make it more accessible and welcoming to residents and visitors alike.

Design development and construction documents were then created to ensure that the design was in compliance with all necessary regulations and standards. TSW’s team of landscape architects and planners worked closely with the project team to ensure that all site grading, drainage, and site utilities were properly coordinated, to ensure that the development was functional and sustainable.

The final stage of the Ralph McGill Redevelopment project was bidding and negotiation, which allowed TSW to work with contractors and vendors to ensure that the project was completed within budget and on schedule.

In conclusion, TSW’s expertise in zoning and landscape architecture was instrumental in the success of the Ralph McGill Redevelopment. The firm’s ability to provide comprehensive services from program review and schematic design to construction documents and bidding and negotiation, ensured that the project was completed to the highest standards. The Ralph McGill Redevelopment is a prime example of how landscape architecture can transform a city, making it more attractive and user-friendly for everyone.