St. Joe Company
Project Status:
Plan completed in 2006
Project Overview:
• Master plan for 4,000-acre community along St. Johns River
• Compact TND town center with pedestrian-orientated activity
• Five outlying neighborhoods with distinctive characters
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St. Johns County, Florida
TSW was asked by the St. Joe Company to plan a 4,000 acre, 3,000 du primary community with four miles of frontage on the St. Johns River, south of Jacksonville. The master plan proposes a compact Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) town center, with a pedestrian-oriented activity core that integrates commercial, recreational, multi-family, and civic/educational uses around a town square. The community will be designed to be walkable and bikeable, with a mix of uses that encourage social interaction and a sense of community.

The master plan also includes five outlying neighborhoods, each with a distinct character and orientation. The neighborhoods are oriented to (1) lakes, (2) golf, (3) old-growth live oak forest, (4) rural farmlands, and (5) the river. Each neighborhood will have its own unique amenities and features that reflect its orientation, such as a boathouse for the lake-oriented neighborhood, a garden district for the golf-oriented neighborhood, a nature park for the forest-oriented neighborhood, a farmer’s market for the farmland-oriented neighborhood, and a community dock for the river-oriented neighborhood. These amenities will be accessible to all residents, and will help to create a sense of community and a connection to the natural environment.

In addition to the neighborhood amenities, the master plan also includes two regional parks – one oriented to the river, the other for active recreational use – that will serve as scenic gateways to the community. These parks will provide opportunities for outdoor activities and will help to create a sense of connection to the natural environment. The master plan also includes a commitment to preserving the natural environment, with 35% of the total land area set aside as public open space and wildlife habitat. This will help to protect the area’s biodiversity and will provide opportunities for outdoor activities and education.

Overall, the master plan for the community is designed to create a livable, walkable, and sustainable community that is in harmony with the natural environment and reflects the unique character of the St. Johns River. It includes a mix of uses and amenities that will encourage social interaction and a sense of community, and it is committed to preserving the natural environment and creating a connection to nature.