Spangler Residence


Client: Spangler Family

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Status: Built


  • Custom single-family home

  • Contemporary farmhouse aesthetic

  • Native plantings for the landscape



The Spangler Residence is a custom house design by Jerry and Elizabeth Spangler. Jerry is the Director of Architecture for TSW. Jerry drew inspiration from the wooded site to become the location of the home. The home was situated to allow for views over the treetops. He incorporated a lot of windows into the design to take advantage of the natural light and the privacy the woods provide. Elizabeth used natural themes and colors throughout the house to bring the outdoors into the interior of the home. The resulting aesthetic is a contemporary farmhouse style. The rooms are open, spacious and airy with a loft-like quality. There is no grass in the yard, only natural groundcovers, gravel and a permeable patio.