Springs in Motion – LCI Plan Update


Client: City of Powder Springs

Location: Powder Springs, Georgia

Status: Completed in 2016


  • LCI update to build on the 2002 study focusing on Downtown and Town Square areas
  • Extensive community engagement process that included a variety of outreach techniques
  • 2019 Georgia Planning Association – Outstanding Plan Implementation for Powder Springs LCI


TSW was retained to lead a multidisciplinary team to update the City of Powder Springs Town Center Planning LCI Study from 2002. The update focuses on revitalizing the downtown area and creating a vision for its future development.

The team’s main objective was to engage with the community and gather feedback and input to craft a vision for the downtown area that leverages the city’s unique history and attracts appropriate development. The team also explored ways to improve walking, biking, and traffic flow in the area to create a more livable and sustainable community.

To gather community input, TSW conducted an extensive community engagement process that included public meetings, visioning workshop, online survey, visual preference survey, stakeholder interviews, core team meetings, and information booth at the Pink Ribbon 5K. The team also worked closely with city officials and community leaders to gather feedback and input.

The framework plan that was developed as a result of this process included recommendations for on-street bike facilities to connect to the Silver Comet Trail, compact residential development along Lewis Road, infill development in the Downtown and Town Square areas, and enhanced streetscapes to improve mobility and sense of place. The plan calls for 258 new residential units and 30,500 square feet of new commercial space, which will help to create a more vibrant and sustainable downtown area.

Overall, TSW’s update of the City of Powder Springs Town Center Planning LCI Study will help the city to realize its vision for the downtown area, and create a more livable and sustainable community for residents and visitors.