The Monroe


Client: Colonial Homes Apartment Community

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Status: Built


  • Worked with Pollack Shares to provide landscape master planning and design services for redevelopment
  • Project scope included the design of pool amenity area, public open space park adjacent to the BeltLine, and integrated stormwater bioretention area and the common area streetscape


Pool Amenity Area: TSW was tasked to design the pool amenity area for a mixed-use development, The Monroe. The goal was to create a direct visual and physical link between the interior club space and leasing center with the exterior pool area. To achieve this, the design team used similar wood paving from the interior to the exterior, creating a cohesive look and feel. The amenity area features a pool, picnic lawn, fireplace, and a series of outdoor living rooms, all organized around a central view axis. This allows for a picturesque view of an infinity edge water feature from the club space. Additionally, the city required that the pool be completely screened from the street. To achieve this while still allowing views into the park, the design team used a unique clamshell green wall configuration that screens the pool while still allowing perforated views into the park. This design solution balances the need for privacy while maintaining a connection to the surrounding nature.

Integrated Bioretention: The new plan for The Monroe development features a bioretention area that is fully integrated into the design. The bioretention area serves as a stormwater treatment system, capturing and filtering rainwater from the building’s roof and amenity areas. The area is designed to emulate a wetland, using plants to clean the water and allowing it to seep back into the ground. This not only serves an environmental purpose but also doubles as a landscape feature that can be enjoyed by residents. The bioretention area can be accessed by boardwalks and is visible from the amenity deck, the residential units and other outdoor spaces. This integration of form and function allows the development to not only manage stormwater effectively but also to provide a unique and visually appealing feature for the residents to enjoy.