Town of Oologah Master Plan


Client: Town of Oologah

Location: Oologah, OK

Status: Current


  • TSW is creating a Master Plan for the Town of Oologah

  • The plan will include development and redevelopment recommendations as well as implementation and action plans
  • TSW is working in collaboration with Emblem Strategies


TSW is currently working with the Town of Oologah in Oklahoma to create a comprehensive Master Plan for the community. The Master Plan is a comprehensive document that will guide the future development and growth of the town, and will include recommendations for land use, transportation, infrastructure, and other important topics.

As part of the process, TSW has conducted extensive assessments of existing conditions and planning studies, which have been used to identify opportunities and challenges in the community. TSW has also assembled a steering committee made up of representatives from the community, including local residents, business owners, and elected officials. The steering committee will provide guidance and feedback throughout the planning process.

In order to create a comprehensive Master Plan, TSW will be preparing development and redevelopment recommendations, as well as an implementation and action plan. These recommendations will take into account the needs of the community, as well as the goals and objectives outlined in the steering committee. TSW will also be working in collaboration with Emblem Strategies, a team of experts with years of experience in planning and development.

Once all of the research, planning and recommendations are completed, TSW will be compiled all that in a final document, The Master Plan for the Town of Oologah. This document will serve as a blueprint for the future of the community, and will be used to guide the implementation of the recommendations and action plan. The final Master Plan will be presented to the Town of Oologah and other stakeholders for review and adoption.

Overall, TSW is working diligently to create a Master Plan that will enhance the quality of life for the citizens of the Town of Oologah, and help guide the community’s future growth and development. The town officials and the steering committee will be able to use this master plan as a reference for current and future decisions. TSW’s collaboration with Emblem Strategies will bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the project, which will help to ensure the success of the Master Plan.