Vickery Village Center


Client: Hedgewood Properties

Location: Cumming, Georgia

Status: Completed in 2008


  • Implement concept plan developed by Duany Plater-Zyberk Co.
  • Detail plan and design of the village center with a variety of uses


Vickery Village Center is the central hub of Vickery, a traditional neighborhood located in Forsyth County. The Village Center is designed to be a successful traditional retail village, and incorporates community-based retail, office, civic, residential, and passive open spaces. The clock tower building is the focal point for the center, and serves as a landmark for the community. A common green, which serves as the community hub, is located at the base of the clock tower building. The common green is easily accessible from the surrounding retail streets and adjacent restaurants, and includes a small, informal amphitheater that functions as a community gathering space.

The Village Center also contains a YMCA, which serves the entire county and houses an aquatics center, gymnasium, basketball courts, aerobics center, fitness center, and meeting rooms. This provides residents with a variety of recreational activities and opportunities to stay active and engaged.

The Village Center is within a short walking distance from a large portion of the residences, making it easily accessible for residents to enjoy. It serves the entire development as the central hub and entrance, but also functions as a buffer between the heavily traveled Post Road and residential areas. This helps to minimize the impact of traffic on the residential areas, while still providing easy access to the commercial and retail spaces.

TSW, a renowned architectural design firm, was selected to design the Vickery Village Center. The design team has drawn from their extensive experience with community-based mixed-use and retail centers to create a place that is to become the heart of the community. The design is sustainable and will be further supported by its function as a destination for area visitors and tourists. The Village Center is a unique and vibrant community space that will be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.