Watersound Parks and Open Spaces


Client: St. Joe Company

Location: Walton County, Florida

Status: Partially built


  • Landscape architecture services for Phase I of Gulf Coast resort community


WaterSound is a beautiful coastal community developed by St. Joe along the Florida Gulf Coast. The community includes a series of neighborhoods, each with its own unique character, and a total of 1,400 homes. The development also features a variety of parks, open spaces, and community facilities that provide residents with a wide range of recreational opportunities and amenities.

TSW was retained by St. Joe to complete the master plan for WaterSound. The master plan provided a comprehensive vision for the development, including the overall layout, community spaces, and design guidelines. After the completion of the master plan, TSW was retained to provide landscape architectural services for a significant portion of Phase I development.

The services provided by TSW for Phase I development included schematic designs for the main WaterSound entrance, Lake Powell trails and park spaces, Village Commons, and Winter Garden. These schematic designs were essential in shaping the overall aesthetic and functionality of the community. The main WaterSound entrance, for example, was designed to create a grand and welcoming entrance to the community, while the Lake Powell trails and park spaces were designed to provide residents with a variety of recreational opportunities and access to nature.

The Village Commons and Winter Garden were also key components of the development, providing residents with gathering spaces, community gardens, and other amenities. The schematic designs developed by TSW for these areas were integral in creating functional and visually appealing spaces that foster a sense of community and provide residents with a wide range of activities and amenities.

Overall, the landscape architectural services provided by TSW for the WaterSound development were instrumental in creating a beautiful, livable, and sustainable community that is beloved by residents and visitors alike. The community’s parks, open spaces, and community facilities have played a key role in making WaterSound one of the most sought-after coastal communities in the region.