St. Joe Company
Project Status:
Partially built
Project Overview:
• Master plan and landscape architecture services for Gulf Coast resort community
• Design guidelines based on traditional architectural rhythms of coastal towns
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Walton County, Florida

The 1,400-home community of WaterSound, located along Florida’s Gulf Coast, sought a Pattern Book to ensure that development followed the traditional architectural rhythms of coastal towns in order to create a distinct sense of character through texture, scale, materials, and color.

The Pattern Book draws on historic maritime influences to lay out guidelines for new homes that are reflective of modern sensibilities, yet respectful of traditional precedents. Traditional town planning principles guide homes toward supporting the vision of walkable blocks, interesting building juxtapositions, neighborhood common areas, a carefully chosen visual palette, and paths that lead to community facilities and open spaces.

Lot types for each of the distinct districts are detailed in the Pattern Book, to create appropriate relationships between buildings and the street through careful placement and execution of garages, porches, and other elements. Architectural details are shown graphically through a variety of means including sketches, photographs, and narrative, to guide the homebuilder toward the WaterSound design philosophy.

The combination of architectural guidelines, and landscape guidelines that govern plantings, fences, and gardens, help form the basis for the distinct character of the WaterSound community that recalls an earlier time, yet is sensitive to current trends.