Project Description

Webb Road


Client: Seven Oaks / Devin Properties

Location: Fulton County, Georgia

Status: Partially Constructed


  • 260-acre mixed-use development with limited commercial
  • Large amount of parks and open spaces


Webb Road, consisting of 260 acres, is a new mixed-use development in northern Fulton County. Located along Webb Road, the concept design created a modified grid that not only connects the site internally, but also to bounding roads. Along Webb Road and Deerfield Parkway, buildings contain first floor retail and/or office spaces with residential units above. Other residential in the development consists of townhomes that front pedestrian-oriented streetscapes or neighborhood parks.

The plan creates a large amount of park and open space for residents and visitors. A portion of the commercial space fronts a community square and centrally located is a large common area with wooded areas and a pond. Other park amenities include pocket parks within walking distance to all residents and buffer areas that will not only screen surrounding development, but will ensure that existing trees are protected.