During the great slowdown of the last couple of years, TSW Architecture has been helping young families grow their homes on the Westside. The three projects featured here are all in the Underwood Hills neighborhood, just west of I-75 and a very short drive from the popular retail shops and restaurants found at the White Provision live/work/play district. Each of these home renovations approaches upgrades and expansion in different ways. 15 White Street takes the roof off and goes up a floor; 1843 Claremont re-images the tiny cottage with a new large front porch and a spacious addition on the rear; and 1187 Mantissa focuses on interior renovations and the creation of a new romantic façade.

TSW Architecture: Renovation & New Addition Designs in the Atlanta Westside Area

On home renovation projects, TSW Architecture listens closely to what the owner really wants. As importantly, we take their construction budget seriously. Contact Jerry Spangler or Christopher Leerssen. We will come out and discuss your project at your home site at no charge. Fees for builder renovation projects are very reasonable. We can also suggest skilled, qualified builders for you.