The Augusta Sustainable Development Implementation Program charrette, led by the TSW team, is a significant project that aims to develop a detailed plan and implementation program for a Priority Development Corridor in Augusta, Georgia. The Priority Development Corridor is a 4.5-mile north-south “spine” in the core of the city, running from downtown to the vacant Regency Mall area along 15th Street, Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, and Deans Bridge Road.

The TSW team has been working closely with the City of Augusta to develop a plan that includes transit-oriented development neighborhoods, multi-modal transportation corridors, revised codes to facilitate higher-density, mixed-use and mixed-income development, and green, affordable housing. This comprehensive approach to sustainable development aims to create a vibrant, mixed-use area that is attractive to both residents and businesses.

The charrette kicked off on Tuesday night and will continue throughout the week, with a work-in-progress presentation scheduled for Saturday, November 17th. During the charrette, the TSW team is working with community participants to gather input and develop illustrative plans and renderings to communicate their vision for the 15th Street corridor and surrounding areas.

The development of a transit-oriented development plan is a significant aspect of the project. Transit-oriented development is a strategy for promoting sustainable development by locating residential, commercial, and employment centers near public transportation. The TSW team’s plan will focus on creating a cluster of transit-oriented development neighborhoods along the Priority Development Corridor, with a goal of increasing connectivity and accessibility for residents and businesses.

In addition to the transit-oriented development plan, the TSW team is also developing a detailed plan for a multi-modal transportation corridor. The plan will aim to provide safe, efficient, and accessible transportation options for pedestrians, cyclists, and public transit users, while also accommodating automobile traffic.

Overall, the Augusta Sustainable Development Implementation Program charrette is an exciting project that demonstrates the TSW team’s commitment to sustainable development and community engagement. By working closely with the City of Augusta and community participants, the TSW team is developing a plan that will create a vibrant, mixed-use area that is sustainable, accessible, and attractive to both residents and businesses.

For more information and for a recent article, visit The Augusta Chronicle.

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