Banks Crossing Redevelopment Plan Adopted

TSW, in collaboration with the Banks County community, has been working on developing a redevelopment plan for the Banks Crossing area since February of this year. After months of careful analysis, discussion and stakeholder input, the plan was approved by the Banks County Commission. The Banks Crossing Redevelopment Plan offers a detailed roadmap for the future of the area, outlining recommendations for transportation, infrastructure, open spaces and marketing.

The plan has a strong focus on public investments that would encourage private investment in the area. The recommendations have been developed in response to the community’s needs and aspirations, and are based on extensive research and input from the community. TSW’s expertise in urban planning, architecture and landscape architecture have been leveraged to create a plan that reflects the needs and desires of the community while also addressing the challenges of the Banks Crossing area.

The Banks Crossing Redevelopment Plan is an ambitious but achievable plan that offers a comprehensive approach to the redevelopment of the area. The plan includes specific recommendations for transportation improvements such as pedestrian and bicycle access, public transit options and road improvements. Additionally, infrastructure improvements such as stormwater management and utilities upgrades have been proposed to support the area’s growth.

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Banks Crossing Redevelopment Plan Adopted

Rendering showing proposed improvements along US 441