Gwinnett County 2045 Unified Plan: A Blueprint for Growth and Community Development

2045 Gwinnett County Unified Plan Recap - reviewing the project boards with county residents

Introduction to Gwinnett County

Gwinnett County, Georgia, located about 10 miles northeast of Atlanta, is one of the fastest growing and most diverse counties in the United States. Over the past several decades, it has transformed from a primarily rural and suburban area into an urbanizing region with a unique identity. The county comprises 16 distinct municipalities and has strong Black, White, Hispanic, and Asian populations. It is home to a wide range of businesses, from Fortune 500 headquarters to solo entrepreneurs, as well as shopping, dining, entertainment, sports teams, and cultural offerings.

The Nees for a Unified Plan

To ensure continued growth and prosperity for all residents, Gwinnett County leadership engaged TSW to collaborate with government, business, and civic leaders to create the 2045 Gwinnett County Unified Plan. Over 11 months, TSW met with various community stakeholders to gather insights about the county and refine collective goals for its future.

Objectives of the Plan

The main objectives of the plan are to preserve Gwinnett’s quality of life and promote intentional, community-beneficial development. Key issues addressed include:

  • Land Use: Ensuring balanced and sustainable development.
  • Economic Development: Fostering a vibrant economy.
  • Housing: Providing diverse and affordable housing options.
  • Transportation: Enhancing mobility and connectivity.
  • Sustainable Infrastructure: Building resilient and green infrastructure.
  • Community Resources: Improving public services and amenities.

The Daily Community Concept

The 2045 Gwinnett County Unified Plan will serve as a blueprint for the next two decades. It is centered around the concept of the Daily Community a framework that reimagines shopping centers and activity hubs as redeveloped spaces supporting new housing, connections, and amenities. This concept envisions that residents can access work, goods, and services within a 15-minute trip from home. By focusing on the community scale, the plan provides clearer, more specific land use guidance and accommodates the diversity of Gwinnett County’s residents and places. It aims to create desirable places, support growth, and strengthen communities based on residents’ preferences and needs.

Community Engagement

During the plan development process, TSW hosted a series of “Daily Community Cafes,” where stakeholders could “order” specific types of housing, economic development, and amenities for their communities. These fun and informative sessions clarified the types of redevelopment residents desired for their neighborhoods and allowed participants to influence key elements of the final plan.

2045 Gwinnett County Unified Plan Recap - Concept Graphic for the 'Daily Commute
2045 Gwinnett County Unified Plan Recap - Nick taking an order from a community member

A Roadmap for the Future

The result is a stakeholder-informed roadmap for Gwinnett County’s future, with actionable goals, strategies, priorities, and implementation guidelines for current and future county leaders. It sets the policy agenda for growth and development over the next 20 years by examining current opportunities and challenges and anticipating new ones. Most importantly, the 2045 Gwinnett County Unified Plan is a tool to guide county staff, elected officials, and other leaders as they work to improve Gwinnett County for all its residents.

Key Elements of the 2045 Gwinnett County Unified Plan:

  • Land Use and Zoning: Innovative strategies for sustainable development.
  • Economic Initiatives: Programs to attract and retain businesses.
  • Housing Solutions: Diverse options to meet the needs of all residents.
  • Transportation Infrastructure: Plans to improve roads, public transit, and pedestrian pathways.
  • Community Amenities: Enhancing parks, recreational facilities, and cultural venues.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Emphasis on green spaces and eco-friendly practices.

Benefits of the Plan

  • Improved Quality of Life: Enhanced public services and amenities.
  • Economic Growth: Stronger business environment and job creation.
  • Community Connectivity: Better transportation and neighborhood linkages.
  • Sustainable Development: Responsible use of land and resources.
2045 Gwinnett County Unified Plan Recap - A map of the communities within the study area.
2045 Gwinnett County Unified Plan Recap - A list of communities within study area.


The 2045 Gwinnett County Unified Plan represents a comprehensive and forward-thinking approach to urban development and community improvement. By engaging with stakeholders and focusing on sustainable growth, Gwinnett County aims to create a vibrant, inclusive, and prosperous future for all its residents.