Clarkston LCI Update

Last Saturday, TSW hosted a community event as part of the Clarkston LCI (Livable Centers Initiative) project in downtown Clarkston, Georgia. The event was designed to gather feedback from residents, business owners, and visitors about the future of the city’s downtown area. It was a successful event, with local vendors and activities for kids that created a fun and engaging atmosphere.

During the event, TSW representatives led discussions and gathered input from attendees about what they would like to see in the future of downtown Clarkston. The ideas ranged from increased walkability and bikeability to more green space and community gathering places. The feedback gathered will help guide the development of the Clarkston LCI project, which aims to enhance the city’s livability and economic vitality.

TSW’s involvement in the Clarkston LCI project is part of their commitment to sustainable and community-oriented design. The firm has a long history of working with communities to create livable, walkable, and sustainable places that foster a sense of community and encourage economic growth. The Clarkston LCI project is an exciting opportunity to bring TSW’s expertise to a community that is eager to make positive changes.

The event was well-received by attendees, who appreciated the opportunity to provide input and have their voices heard. TSW representatives expressed their gratitude to everyone who came out and contributed to the event’s success. The short video recapping the event showcases the enthusiasm and excitement that attendees brought to the event.

Overall, the community day and feedback gathering event were a great success, and TSW looks forward to continuing their work with the Clarkston LCI project to create a vibrant and livable downtown area that reflects the community’s values and aspirations.

Clarkston LCI Update