Clarksville Final Downtown Street Study Presented

TSW’s Adam Williamson has been working with the City of Clarksville to create a comprehensive plan for parking and street networks in the downtown area. The plan aims to make downtown more pedestrian and bicycle-friendly, creating a safer and more accessible environment for both residents and visitors.

One of the main recommendations of the study is the use of bike lanes and medians to encourage cycling and make it safer for cyclists to navigate through downtown. The plan also calls for the narrowing of streets to reduce vehicle speeds and create more space for pedestrians.

Several recommendations from the study have already been put into action. The city has added a bicycle share lane and reverse-angle parking to Second and Third Streets. These changes have already improved safety and made it easier for cyclists to navigate through the downtown area.

In addition to these changes, the city is also exploring the possibility of adding more bike lanes and pedestrian crossings in the downtown area. The plan also calls for the creation of additional parking spaces and the use of smart parking technology to help drivers find available spots.

The City of Clarksville is committed to creating a downtown area that is both accessible and enjoyable for everyone. By implementing the recommendations from the study, the city is making significant progress toward this goal.

Adam Williamson’s presentation of the final plan to the City Council was well received and generated a lot of interest from community members. Many people expressed support for the recommendations and are excited to see the changes that will be made to the downtown area in the coming years.

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Downtown street study presented to Clarksville City Council

Clarksville Final Downtown Street Study Presented