Newnan Design Guidelines


Client: City of Newnan

Location: Newnan, Georgia

Status: In Progress


  • Design guidelines for façade and exterior rehabilitation and modifications of historic buildings that can be used city-wide

  • Guidance focused on architectural styles of buildings, materials, street furniture, landscaping, and signage



In early 2022, TSW was retained by the City of Newnan to update their Downtown Design Guidelines. The original scope was to focus on only the historic downtown, but it was decided later on in the process that the guidelines should be used city-wide at the discretion of various City departments when granting permits.

The document is intended to guide façade and exterior rehabilitation and modifications of historic buildings in the City of Newnan. This document identifies the most commonly used commercial and residential architectural styles within the city and demonstrates how they should be used. “Dos and don’ts” regarding basic design principles are outlined for the purpose of general guidance regarding any exterior changes for existing buildings and new buildings, when appropriate.

This document gives guidance on the following:

  • Architectural styles: the way that doors, windows, and building details are designed and organized on a façade of a variety of building types;
  • Design principles that give recommendations on how to ensure visual attractiveness; and
  • The design of public spaces.

The design guidelines standards are not intended to be inflexible or make limitations to design but instead, they focus on embracing the diversity of styles, building forms, and public spaces found throughout the city.