Tennessee’s Technical College Boom

The Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology (TCAT) have gained worldwide recognition for their exceptional job placement rates and strong connections with local industry and statewide economic development objectives. This success has been accompanied by a significant increase in enrollment in technical colleges following the implementation of the Tennessee Promise scholarship and mentoring program, which aims to increase the number of college students in Tennessee.

The TCAT’s achievements are particularly notable because they have a close relationship with local industry, which provides students with practical training and job placement opportunities. This has helped to create a skilled workforce that meets the demands of local businesses, contributing to Tennessee’s economic growth.

TSW is proud to have played a role in the continued success of TCAT by developing the first Statewide Master Plan in 2014. This plan included a thorough analysis of the facilities at all 27 TCAT institutions, detailed expansion and migration plans for each campus, and an implementation plan that took into account statewide priorities. This plan provided a roadmap for the development and growth of the TCAT system and helped ensure that each institution was meeting the needs of students and the demands of local industry.

In conclusion, the Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology have set an example for other states and nations by providing practical education that meets the needs of the workforce and contributes to economic growth. TSW is honored to have contributed to the success of the TCAT system, and we look forward to seeing the continued growth and development of these institutions.

Nashville Public Radio details Tennessee’s recent technical college boom here (read or listen to the article).

Tennessee's Technical College Boom