TSW-designed Glenwood Park Featured as “Unsprawl Case Study”

Glenwood Park, an award-winning development, is a 28-acre brownfield redevelopment situated in an infill location. The neighborhood is known for its mix of well-designed homes and commercial spaces, traditional neighborhood design, walkability, and environmental management practices. Its recognition as an EarthCraft Community further underscores its commitment to sustainable practices.

The community features a blend of residential and commercial uses, with careful attention paid to preserving its natural surroundings. Its planning and design place a particular emphasis on water management, preservation landscaping, and community involvement.

The neighborhood’s recognition as a brownfield redevelopment project further highlights its success in revitalizing previously underutilized urban spaces. It serves as an excellent example of how thoughtful planning and design can transform neglected areas into vibrant communities that improve the quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

Glenwood Park’s success has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Congress for the New Urbanism Charter Award and the Georgia Conservancy’s Distinguished Conservationist of the Year award. The community’s focus on sustainable design and urban planning principles has earned it accolades from organizations such as the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and the Georgia Urban Forest Council.

As a certified EarthCraft Community, Glenwood Park sets an excellent example of how sustainable development can be achieved while preserving the character and charm of a traditional neighborhood. The community’s attention to detail and commitment to green building practices serve as a model for other communities seeking to create livable, walkable neighborhoods that prioritize environmental sustainability.

Glenwood Park

EarthCraft Community


TSW-designed Glenwood Park Featured as “Unsprawl Case Study”

TSW-designed Glenwood Park Featured as “Unsprawl Case Study”

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