Two TSW Project Receive ULI Awards

In September 2006, two TSW projects were recognized at the Atlanta Chapter of Urban Land Institute’s Development of Excellence Awards. Glenwood Park, a mixed-use development located between Grant Park and East Atlanta, received the Project of the Year Award, while Vickery, a mixed-use, environmentally focused neighborhood, received a Development of Excellence Award.

The awards, which recognize projects that incorporate pedestrian-friendly designs, energy efficiency, and the best elements of architecture, exemplify an alternative to conventional suburban developments with walkable streets, mixed-use centers, and a variety of housing options.

Glenwood Park is a 28-acre, mixed-use development that combines residential, retail, and office space with parks and green spaces. The development incorporates innovative design and construction techniques, such as rainwater harvesting and the use of recycled materials, to create a sustainable and environmentally conscious community.

Vickery, located in Forsyth County, is a 200-acre mixed-use community that emphasizes environmental sustainability and community connectivity. The development includes a town center, parks and green spaces, and a variety of housing options, including single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments.

Both projects reflect TSW’s commitment to sustainable, community-oriented development that prioritizes walkability, mixed-use centers, and environmental sustainability. The recognition by the Atlanta Chapter of Urban Land Institute highlights the success of these approaches in creating vibrant, livable communities that enhance quality of life for residents.

Atlanta Chapter of ULI

Glenwood Park

For the complete articles, please see the Atlanta Business Chronicle, September 22-28, 2006, Section D.

Two TSW Project Receive ULI Awards

Two TSW Project Receive ULI Awards

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