TSW Planning Studio to lead LCI Study for West Lake MARTA Station

The TSW Planning Studio, along with HDR, Marketek, and Malvada Consulting Group, will be working with the City of Atlanta to develop a small area plan for the West Lake MARTA Station. In the past five years, all of the City’s station areas on MARTA’s East West line have been studied to reflect current development trends and community values, except the West Lake Station. The study is an opportunity to create a community-based vision and plan for this missing piece of the City’s transit oriented development strategy along the East West rail line.

For more information and updates, visit the West Lake LCI Study web site.

* LCI stands for Livable Centers Initiative. For several years, the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) has been providing funding for investment studies and transportation projects located in activity and town centers in the Atlanta region. This program of studies and projects has become known as the Livable Centers Initiative (LCI). For more information, see the ARC’s web site.