TSW’s Old Fourth Ward Master Plan Moves Forward

In 2007 and 2008, TSW collaborated with the City of Atlanta to develop the Old Fourth Ward Master Plan. This comprehensive plan focused on environmental, social, and economic sustainability components with the aim of transforming the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood into a more livable and thriving community.

The Old Fourth Ward is a historic district located just east of Downtown Atlanta. The neighborhood has a rich history and is known for its role in the civil rights movement. However, in recent years, the area had experienced neglect and disinvestment, leading to a decline in its overall livability.

The Old Fourth Ward Master Plan was developed to reverse this trend and create a more sustainable and livable community. TSW worked closely with the City of Atlanta and community stakeholders to develop the plan, which included a range of strategies and recommendations aimed at improving the neighborhood’s infrastructure, public spaces, and housing options.

One of the key corridors in the study area was Boulevard, which was identified as an important area for revitalization. Recently, the Atlanta Regional Commission recommended $1 million in funding for infrastructure improvements along Boulevard. These improvements include raised medians, mid-block crosswalks, and other pedestrian safety measures. These enhancements will create a safer and more pedestrian-friendly environment, promoting walkability and active transportation options in the neighborhood.

The Old Fourth Ward Master Plan has been a catalyst for revitalization and investment in the neighborhood. Over the years, the plan has guided a range of development projects, including the BeltLine Eastside Trail, Historic Fourth Ward Park, and Ponce City Market. These projects have helped to transform the Old Fourth Ward into a vibrant and livable community, attracting new residents and businesses to the area.

The recognition of Boulevard’s improvements by the Atlanta Regional Commission is a testament to the success of the Old Fourth Ward Master Plan and the ongoing efforts to create a more sustainable and livable community in Atlanta. TSW’s involvement in the plan has been instrumental in shaping the vision for the neighborhood’s future and creating a roadmap for sustainable development. The plan continues to guide the neighborhood’s revitalization efforts and serves as a model for other communities looking to create more sustainable and livable environments.

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TSW’s Old Fourth Ward Master Plan Moves Forward