Woodstock Downtown in Better! Cities & Towns

TSW, an urban planning and architecture firm, is proud to announce that Woodstock Downtown has been featured in the October/November print edition of Better! Cities & Towns, a prominent publication that focuses on promoting sustainable, compact, and mixed-use development. The feature highlights the innovative approach and community-centered design of Woodstock Downtown.

Woodstock Downtown is a master-planned development located in Woodstock, Georgia. It is a pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use community that offers a range of housing options, retail and dining destinations, and office spaces. TSW has been involved in the project since its inception, working closely with the developer, city officials, and community stakeholders to create a vibrant and livable downtown area.

The feature in Better! Cities & Towns is a significant recognition of the success of Woodstock Downtown and the efforts of TSW. The publication is widely read by urban planners, architects, and developers who are interested in creating sustainable and livable communities. Its mission is to provide the best news, analysis, and intelligence on compact, mixed-use growth and development, making it a highly respected and influential voice in the industry.

The article in the October/November edition of the publication highlights the unique design features of Woodstock Downtown, including its walkability, mixed-use zoning, and public spaces. It also showcases the community’s commitment to sustainability, with green infrastructure elements integrated throughout the development.

TSW’s involvement in Woodstock Downtown is an excellent example of the firm’s commitment to creating communities that are both beautiful and functional. By designing developments that prioritize people and the environment, TSW is helping to shape a more sustainable and livable future for all.

In conclusion, TSW’s excitement over Woodstock Downtown being featured in Better! Cities & Towns is a testament to the success of the development and the firm’s dedication to creating sustainable, livable communities. This recognition is a significant achievement and a well-deserved honor for TSW, the developer, and the community of Woodstock, Georgia.

Visit the Better! Cities & Towns website for an excerpt or click on the link for the full article.

Woodstock Downtown in Better Cities Towns