Bolton Park Apartment complex is a large-scale project by TSW Architecture Studio that aims to cater to the student population of Atlanta. Located on the northwest side of the city, the complex consists of ten buildings, including seven residential buildings, two community buildings, a parking garage, and a pool. The complex will offer a total of 225 units for students from both high school and college.

Construction on the project began earlier this month, with the first buildings now under construction. This project is a significant one for TSW Architecture Studio, and it is one of their largest undertakings to-date. The studio is working hard to ensure that the construction documents for the remaining buildings are completed promptly.

Bolton Park Apartment complex has been designed to cater to the needs of the student population. The residential buildings have been designed to provide students with a comfortable living environment with all necessary amenities. The community buildings, including the parking garage and pool, will provide additional facilities for the residents to utilize.

The apartment complex’s location is ideal for students, as it is in close proximity to several educational institutions in Atlanta. The project’s design ensures that the buildings are integrated into the surrounding landscape seamlessly. The overall design incorporates green spaces and pedestrian-friendly walkways, which promote a sense of community and enhance the student experience.

TSW Architecture Studio is committed to delivering high-quality projects, and the Bolton Park Apartment complex is no exception. The studio’s focus on design excellence and sustainability ensures that the complex will meet the needs of students while also being environmentally responsible. The studio’s efforts have already received praise from the community, and they look forward to the completion of the project and the positive impact it will have on the student population in Atlanta.

Bolton Park Apartments Are Now Under Construction