Loganville Town Green Moves Forward

The City of Loganville’s plans for the Town Green are set to move forward with the redirection of traffic around the area to make way for construction. This exciting development is the latest step in the implementation of the Loganville Town Center Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Study, which was completed by TSW in April 2010. The LCI study represents a long-term vision for creating a vibrant and sustainable downtown in Loganville, with a focus on promoting economic growth, pedestrian-friendly development, connectivity, and public safety.

The Town Green is one of the key projects recommended in the LCI study, and its construction will serve as a critical component of the broader revitalization effort. This dynamic public space will provide a hub for community activities, including concerts, festivals, and other events, while also serving as a catalyst for economic development in the area. By creating a focal point for the community, the Town Green will help to build a sense of place and foster a greater sense of pride and ownership among residents.

One of the key features of the LCI study is its focus on creating a pedestrian-friendly environment in downtown Loganville. By promoting mixed-use development and increasing density, the study aims to encourage more foot traffic and create a more vibrant and engaging streetscape. The Town Green, with its open space and pedestrian-friendly design, will play a critical role in this effort by providing a safe and accessible place for people to gather and connect.

Overall, the Town Green project represents a significant step forward for the City of Loganville and the broader LCI study. By implementing these recommendations and creating a more vibrant and sustainable downtown, Loganville is poised to become a more attractive and prosperous place to live, work, and visit.

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Loganville’s Town Green Project

Loganville Town Green Moves Forward