Caleb Racicot to Present at MCLA Green Living Seminar Series

The upcoming presentation by TSW’s Caleb Racicot at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts’ Green Living Seminar Series promises to be an engaging and informative look at how communities can create more sustainable commercial areas through innovative coding strategies. The seminar, scheduled for March 28th, will explore the concept of “Legalizing Main Street” and how this can be accomplished through thoughtful and deliberate planning.

One of the key focuses of Caleb’s presentation will be the importance of creating codes that support sustainability in commercial areas. This can involve a wide range of measures, from encouraging the use of renewable energy sources to promoting the use of local materials and resources. By creating codes that prioritize sustainable practices, communities can create a more resilient and environmentally responsible commercial environment that is better equipped to meet the challenges of the future.

Another important aspect of Caleb’s presentation will be the role of community engagement in the coding process. By involving a range of stakeholders in the planning process, including business owners, residents, and other interested parties, communities can create codes that reflect the unique needs and values of their particular area. This approach can help to ensure that the codes are not only effective but also widely accepted and embraced by the community as a whole.

Overall, Caleb’s presentation promises to be an exciting and thought-provoking exploration of the intersection between sustainability and commercial development. By providing concrete examples and practical strategies for creating more sustainable and resilient commercial areas, Caleb will help to inspire and empower communities to take a more proactive approach to planning for a sustainable future.

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

 Green Living Seminar Series

Check back after March 28th for a link to the podcast.

Caleb Racicot to Present at MCLA Green Living Seminar Series