Argenta Downtown District Master Plan


  • New Argenta Development Group and the City of North Little Rock

  • North Little Rock, Arkansas


  • 2010 American Planning Association (Arkansas Chapter) – Achievement in Comprehensive Plan Award for Argenta District

  • 2010 Arkansas American Planning Association Award for Achievement in Comprehensive Plan

  • Community-based plan to guide future growth with a sustainable vision
  • Focuses on preserving Argenta’s historic fabric and complementing it with appropriate infill
  • Recommendations that improve bicycle and pedestrian connectivity
  • Form-based zoning code to regulate development


The Argenta District, also known as downtown North Little Rock, is a historic 450-acre area located across the Arkansas River from downtown Little Rock. The district encompasses a variety of residential architecture, two sports arenas, a riverfront park, and a revitalizing Main Street. To help guide the future development of the area, a consortium consisting of the local government, the community development corporation, and a private developer retained TSW to produce a detailed and comprehensive Master Plan.

The Master Plan puts forth a sustainable vision for Argenta’s future based on community input received through a series of stakeholder interviews and meetings, including a two-day visioning session. The plan includes a variety of improvements to promote walking and bicycling, such as improved sidewalks and a multi-use trail, as well as enhancements to make better use of existing streetcar service. Urban design recommendations focus on preserving Argenta’s historic fabric and complementing it with appropriately scaled infill development.

To ensure that the Argenta Downtown District Master Plan recommendations are implemented, specific guidelines are provided. These include a proposed form-based zoning code to regulate redevelopment, detailed pro formas for catalytic redevelopment sites, and an action matrix that lists key public improvements with cost estimates. Economic development recommendations build on innovative foundations such as local agriculture and the film industry to attract growth and help advance the community’s vision for its future.

The Master Plan is a comprehensive and holistic approach to the development of the Argenta District, taking into account the needs of the community and the preservation of the area’s historical and cultural heritage. The plan aims to create a vibrant and sustainable community that can attract new businesses and residents, while also preserving the unique character of the district. It is expected that the implementation of the Master Plan will have a positive impact on the community for years to come.