ChristChurch Presbyterian


  • ChristChurch Presbyterian

  • Atlanta, Georgia


  • Renovation and addition that includes a new 925-seat sanctuary
  • Contextual modern design to help blend in with its neighbors
  • 925 seat sanctuary


TSW collaborated with Gertler & Wente Architects, LLP to design a renovation of an existing office building into a sanctuary and classroom building for Christchurch Presbyterian. The design team created a dramatic new modern sanctuary that incorporates much of the site’s existing building and complements its urban setting. The project expands the existing building on its south side, and elevates the roof and windows above a 925-seat sanctuary. The seating inside the sanctuary is accomplished through stackable chairs, which allows the room to be flexible for other uses apart from worship services.

The Peachtree Street side of the building features a subtle tower with three crosses facing north, south, and east. This tower adds a striking architectural feature to the building while also serving as a symbol of the church’s presence in the community. The design team also created an inviting courtyard that helps transition visitors from the busy city streetscape to the more contemplative areas of the building.

The contextual modern design and use of steel and glass help the structure blend in with its neighbors. The exterior is clad in a large-scale porcelain panel, along with brick, glass, and steel, which creates an elegant and timeless look. The building also contains an art gallery, coffee shop, church offices, classrooms, work areas, and meeting space. This provides the congregation with a variety of spaces to gather, worship, and learn.

Overall, the renovation project for Christchurch Presbyterian is an ambitious and well-designed project that transforms an existing office building into a modern sanctuary and classroom building that complements its urban setting. The design team’s attention to detail and use of materials creates a welcoming and functional space for the congregation to gather, worship, and learn. The addition of the art gallery, coffee shop, and meeting spaces also provides the community with a valuable resource.