Destination:2030 / Decatur’s 2020 Strategic Plan


Client: City of Decatur

Location: Decatur, Georgia

Status: Completed in 2021


  • Combined planning process for Strategic Plan, Comprehensive Plan, and Livable Centers Initiative

  • Extensive community engagement process

  • Focus on equity and racial justice, climate action, civic trust, affordable housing, mobility, and economic growth



Decatur has three citywide plans: the Strategic Plan, the Comprehensive Plan, and the Livable Centers Initiative (LCI). Each of these plans was due for an update in 2021. Rather than run three separate processes and develop three separate plans, the City embarked upon one streamlined process—Destination 2030—to create a single planning document that meets the objectives of all three plans.

TSW led the multidisciplinary team through an intensive community engagement process. Beginning in 2019, TSW developed collaborative tools , Citizen Roundtables that saw over 792 participants, and a series of over 150 small group discussions (in-person and online) to solicit feedback and progressively refine community opinions. The pandemic required in-person meeting to move to a virtual platform, which included a series of Decatur 202s sessions that included separate educational and work sessions on mobility, housing, equity and racial justice, and climate change. Additional outreach methods included Pop-up Events and Virtual Forums.

The policies and action items developed during the process were the most important component of the plan. They are Decatur’s road map for implementing its vision. Policies and action items are grouped into the six topics: 1) Equity & Racial Justice, 2) Climate Action, 3) Civic Trust, 4) Affordable Housing, 5) Mobility, and 6) Economic Growth. It is impossible to address one topic without touching on another, and the action items intentionally bridge multiple topics.