Gainesville Comprehensive Plan


Client: City of Gainesville

Location: Gainesville, Georgia

Status: Adopted in 2022


  • Revised Character Area Map and Future Land Use Map

  • Three small area plans with 3-D renderings

  • Hybrid virtual and in-person engagement



TSW led a multidisciplinary team to develop the City of Gainesville’s Comprehensive Plan update. Gainesville has experienced steady growth over the last decade and changing demographics, and will see that reflected in new development over time.

The goals of the Comprehensive Plan update were threefold: condense and prioritize years worth of policy recommendations, anticipate where development energy is heading and develop aspirational design ideas, and create a graphic, easy-to-read plan document. The comprehensive plan includes goals, strategies, action items, and other tools that recommend best practices for development decisions that address economic development, transportation, housing, and other factors addressing Gainesville. The plan made updates to both the Character Area Map by condensing some classifications and making necessary updates to policies and implementation measures. The plan also features proposals for how three key redevelopment areas identified by both City staff and stakeholders could be re-imagined as new mixed-use centers that can satisfy demand for more commercial and housing, and how they can be integrated into the Highlands to Islands trail network. Lastly, an implementation plan outlines a list of projects and includes descriptions of funding strategies and the people involved with enacting the plan. Throughout the process, the community had many opportunities to give their input via virtual meetings, in-person public meetings, online surveys and activities, and at a booth during a yearly festival.