Glenwood Park


  • Green Street Properties

  • Atlanta, Georgia


  • 2003 Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) Charter Award

  • Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) on a former concrete plant site

  • Reknit urban fabric and tied surrounding neighborhoods together


Glenwood Park, a development by Green Street Properties, is a neighborhood based on new urbanism concepts. Located in East Atlanta, an area of the metropolitan area offering affordable housing, Glenwood Park is one of many recent projects adding new energy to the existing community. The project, located on the old Blue Circle Concrete plant, reknits the urban fabric, tying together older residential areas and neighborhoods along Memorial Drive to the other side of I-20.

The Glenwood Park project was initiated by TSW, an architectural and urban design firm, during the conceptual phase with a multi-day charrette. The charrette was held to establish the development’s direction and has continued to provide vision and guidance for the development. As a result, it has updated the master plan and zoning conditions, in addition to providing full architectural services for the West Bartram Townhomes. The charrette was successful in helping to create a plan that was cohesive, inclusive, and forward-thinking. It also provided a way for the team to ensure that all stakeholders were heard and their concerns addressed. This process allowed the firm to design a development that was well-suited to the needs of the community and an attractive option for potential buyers. The idea behind Glenwood Park was to create a vibrant, sustainable and walkable community that offered a mix of housing options to its residents.

The development includes several different types of housing, including single-family homes, townhouses, flats over townhouses, multifamily units over retail and office space, and live/work units. All of the housing options are designed to be within a five-minute walk of retail, restaurants, and office spaces, making it easy for residents to access amenities. This design is in line with the principles of new urbanism, which emphasizes walkable communities with a mix of housing, retail and office spaces, and public spaces.

The community includes several green spaces and parks, as well as a community garden. This will provide residents with opportunities to connect with nature and grow their own food.

In addition to providing housing options, Glenwood Park also aims to create a sense of community among residents. The development includes several public spaces, such as a community park, a community garden, and a town square. These spaces are designed to encourage residents to gather and interact with one another. The community also plans to organize events and activities that will bring residents together and foster a sense of community.

Overall, Glenwood Park is an ambitious development that aims to create a sustainable, walkable, and vibrant community in East Atlanta. The development offers a mix of housing options, as well as retail, office, and public spaces, all within a five-minute walk of each other. With its emphasis on sustainability, community building, and walkability, Glenwood Park hopes to set a new standard for urban development in the area.